Introducing Frankie and the Tramp

Hey!!  Thanks for reading my blog!!

Typically, I’ve left writing my first post till the very last minute so my apologies for the hurriedly written finger dribble full of grammatical errors.

Brief overview:

Who is Frankie???

Frankie, aka ‘Frankencruiser’, is Ben’s pride and joy.  He made it himself.  I would describe Frankie as three Landcruisers all rolled in to one ultimate Landcruiser that has consumed Ben’s every thought, waking moment and wanton desire for the last year.  I dread to think how many man hours Ben spent working on Frankie.  If I had to guess I’d say at the very least it would be 1000 hours.

Ben describes Frankie as:

“H2J105 Landcruiser wagon chopped into dual cab with alloy canopy.  1 HD-FTE Engine & Auto Gearbox Conversion, Saliara dash, door panels and power windows fitted.  Triple battery setup, drop down fridge slide and drawer system in canopy.  2” suspension lift, 33” mud tyres.  Bull bar, UHF, front bench seat retained to seat 6.”

Frankie is kitted out with every bell and whistle you could possibly need for 5 week trip to Cape York.  In a future blog I will go into a little more detail on the set up but for now I’m trying to get this damn blog started so I can go to sleep.  (I’m super worried that I won’t keep up to date with the blog and Ben will be able to say “See!  I told you that you shouldn’t have wasted money on a domain!!!)

Who is the Tramp???

The Tramp, or tramper, is our Camper Trailer.  She is an Eagle Cheyenne hard floor, off road camper that has a queen bed and two sets of bunks.  Ben and I had a very heated discussion about her name.  He seems to associate ‘Tramp’ with ladies of the night.  I on the other hand thought it was a very clever mix of the two words ‘camper’ and ‘trailer’ that had the benefit of meaning “to travel from place to place, trudge, plod, stamp, trample…”.  In the end I won.  Frankie and the Tramp had such a nice flow to it that I decided to ignore the fact that some people associate her name with that of a woman with loose morals.

Who are we???

We are a family of 6 that is leaving in about 8 hours to venture off to Cape York, Australia.  In the family we have:

Ben:  Ben is the voice of reason and very hands on, practical member of our family.  He works like a galley slave 18 hours a day and never stops.  It is quite difficult being married to someone so motivated and hard working.  It makes days when I want to slob really awkward for me as it is hard to fully relax into a slovenly stupor whilst there is someone racing around me doing 6 million jobs.

Kylah:  Kylah is our eldest daughter.  Her nickname is “Killjoy Kylah the Rule Following Dictator”, which she wears with pride.  Kylah is extremely sensible.  I think it’s her way of rebelling against me (me being the opposite of extremely sensible).  She is very dependable and despite her hatred of small children (too messy, too noisy, too unpredictable) she is like a little mother hen to her siblings.  She has been gifted with the most beautiful voice and spends most of her days singing to the menagerie of animals that we have around our place.  (2 mini horses, a pig, 2 dogs, 6 chickens, 3 ducks and some fish).

Jazzy:  Jazzy is our second eldest and has the kindest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet.  She is the only daughter I have who LOVES babies (takes after her mumma!!) and is very social (also after her mumma!!).  She has been known to be prone to the odd whinge here and there (unfortunately also taking after her mumma) but is usually a delightful child.  Her passions are ballet, sewing, anything crafty and writing scripts.

Rohan:  Good grief.  Where do I start?  I’m sure if you follow this blog you will get to know Rohan in great detail, as I’m sure a lot of the posts will be about his misadventures and bull-at-a-gate personality.  He is hilariously funny, incessantly demanding and so full knowledge that the endless list of animal, geographic or political thoughts that spew out of his mouth constantly will drive you to want to pour hot wax in your own ears.  He is constantly dirty and often injured.   Rohans passions are anything and everything so long as he can do it RIGHT NOW.  He has a huge case of FOMO (fear of missing out) so happily involves himself in everything he can.

Isabelle:  Isabelle, or Diddy as we like to call her, is our youngest child.  She is super independent and as vain as a peacock.  It is not unusual for her to wear 6 different outfits (all styled differently of course) in the one day.  Her bravery and courage surpassed my own at about age 3.  In fact, if Kylah isn’t home to feed the animals I have to get Isabelle to do it as I’m scared of the horses and she isn’t.  Isabelle also LOVES to clean – a trait which was NOT inherited from me (or Ben).  She is constantly tidying up after me and often surprises me by vacuuming and mopping the floors while I am out (she is 6!!!).  She is still figuring out her future destiny and has told me she wants to be either a cleaner or a princess.

Me:  Me, me, me, me, me.  I just read back through my descriptions of everyone and they are as much a description of me as it is of them!!  I can’t help it.  I never know what’s going to dribble out the end of my fingers when I start typing.  Hmmmm…. if I had to describe myself I’d say that I am a cotton loving, polyester hating woman who does not like to be more than 2 degrees outside her comfort temperature.  I’m all about comfort.  Comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, my comfy “huggy pillow” that is as long as our queen bed (unfortunately for everyone else I’m insisting on hauling it to the Cape with us despite a lack of space).  I don’t like insects or bugs on me or near me and I have a supreme ability to nap in any moving vehicle no matter how uncomfortable (although I have negated the need for me to be uncomfortable in Frankie by buying a seatbelt pillow that I have nicknamed my Snoozy Woozy).

So there you have it.  A brief introduction to Frankie, the Tramp and all of us.  I plan to use this blog to keep you all up to date with places we are going and things we are doing.  I will also describe, probably in great detail, the lengths I go to to make sure that my camping experience doesn’t push me too far out of my comfort zone.  Packing food, clothes etc for 6 people for 5 weeks is a logistical nightmare so I’ll also describe all of my ingenious tips that I have either come up with myself, or shamelessly copied off someone on pinterest then tried to pass off as my own.

At this stage I have ZERO followers on my blog.  I’m not even sure how you allow followers (I’m still wearing my blogging V-plates).  So my disclaimer that I do not receive any freebies for my opinions on Eagle Campers or Landcruisers should be no surprise.  All opinions and reviews of products I’ve bought are 100% my own and no financial gain has or will come from them.  So you can rest assured that after I use my she-wee tomorrow, and then blog about the experience, it will be a completely honest review.

Thank you for taking the time to read my finger dribble!!

Love Mrs Frankencruiser xx

19 thoughts on “Introducing Frankie and the Tramp

  1. Love, love, love it!! I’m so excited for you all embarking on this wonderful trip. I’m very much looking forward to following your Blog Bianca, you are an amazing woman. I’m in awe of everything you do and accomplish.


  2. Hey guys enjoy! When you get going..Love your entertaining writing style and looking forward to reading of all your adventures. 😀


  3. Charlie sent us over to pay you a visit, and we are so glad we did. You have quite the adventure ahead of you and your writing has really intrigued us enough to definitely come back for more. We LOVE your post.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty – two Siberian Huskies from Kansas, USA


  4. Crikey
    Mom aka my assistant was away last week when my dearest Pal Charlie posted your link. We just now saw it and wanted to say Hi… FYI: I’m Charlie Down Under’s favorite C A T!! MOL. Happy travels in Frankie and the Tramp! Happy and safe travels!
    Mom agrees with you about combining Camper and Trailer+ Tramp. Purrfect
    Hugs Madi(son) D. Cat and Mom


  5. We too were rerouted over here from the good Charlie. He’s such a fun bloke, right? I, MJF am an elderly but still mostly crazy JRT, of 2002-vintage, and I have a brofur kitty called Pipo. He’s 12.
    Petcretary (my mom, also sometimes called growlmy) writes for us…and we recently lost my other kitty brofur, Minko. They and all my other angel furblings are/were Siamese…aka ‘meezers’.

    Petcretary thinks you are really brave to do this trekking all in that wilderness, but somehow I think you will do just fine. And I hope to have fun sharing in it with you all. Your progeny sound way more fun than my studious unfurbros…who have jobs using all their geeky skills, none of which petcretary has. She must not have been standing in line when those were handed out, BOL!

    See ya around!


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