Farewell Sweet Mobile Reception!!

We are off!!!!  Currently driving out of my sanctuary, Coconut Resort, and heading into the land where smart phones are useless (except for playing Candy Crush) & Dr Google can’t help you win arguments. 

I’m pretty sure there is a ticker tape parade going on behind us as we exit but I’m not game to look for fear I’ll be overcome with an urge to jump out of our vehicle & join them. 

Rohan’s pre-dawn enthusiasm for life & the females of the Davis clan penchant for sleeping in, results in full blown screaming matches every morning, enough to rouse the whole caravan park. 

I’m super glad Kylah has joined us. She gets in & does all the jobs Ben nags me to do (like ensembling bunk beds – although I maintain my arms aren’t long enough for that task!) & she can also help with marriage saving jobs like directing Ben as he reverses Frankie to hook up to Trampy. Everytime I am forced to do that job (direct Ben as he’s reversing Frankie), I feel us inching closer & closer to the big D – divorce. 

Jazzy had the deepest fear of all bottom bunk dwellers realised last night. Isabelle wet the bed. The top bunk!!! Right above poor Jazzy. Jazzy was so distressed, rightfully so, that I don’t know how I’m going to coax her back into bed tonight.  Just makes things more interesting I suppose….

I’m starting to get car sick from typing this as we are driving so I’ll bid my farewell now & have a ton of updates (hopefully positive) to share next time we get mobile reception. 

Wish me luck!!!!

Mrs Frankencruiser xxx

Kylah directing Ben. Me being very helpful by staying away & playing on my phone. 

One thought on “Farewell Sweet Mobile Reception!!

  1. Oh my 😂. I always had a fear on school camps that the kid on the top bunk would wet the bed….lol… that is precious. It will make for fabulous childhood memories and 21st stories!


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