Today has been blissfully uneventful and probably my favourite day so far.  
After leaving Musgrave Station this morning, we travelled to Coen where we intended to get fuel & pies before heading off to our next stop.  
We pulled up at a free camp site called ‘The Bend’ to eat our pies and fell in love. We are still here now. It is a lush, green campsite nestled by a flowing creek filled with spring water that has trickled down from nearby mountains. It is completely secluded so Isabelle had a wonderful time airing her differences in the creek while the rest of us looked on in total envy.  

Coen has mobile reception (wahoo!!!) so Ben and I have been glued to our screens a fair bit this afternoon while the kids swam and played on the banks of the creek. Ben assured me that this particular creek was not Croc territory so I tried hard not to worry about one of the kids being eaten alive by a archaic monster (internet was an awesome distraction!!). Dinner was chicken stew with brown rice & quinoa then we toasted marshmallows and had a family movie night. I promise to start putting the Dream Pot recipes on one of these days – so delicious!!

Pretty boring day to read about but one of the best days of my life (it totally has to make top 40 anyway).  

Because today was so void of adventure of shenanigans I thought I’d share a bit more about Trampy, our camper trailer.  

Trampy is made by Eagle Camper Trailers and I believe they refer to her as ‘Cheyenne’ (Trampy is a much better name – don’t know what they were thinking!!). With a family of 6 we are pretty limited for options and this trailer suited us perfectly. Ben can set her up in about 5 minutes on his own. Please don’t assume that if we pitched in and helped him it would take less than 5 minutes because truth be told we get in the way and make it longer. Trampy is a hard floor trailer so no one needs to sleep out in an annexe. It has a queen bed that pushes back and then the sides fold out to reveal two sets of bunks. There are two large drawers inside and 4 cupboards. The kitchen swings out from the tail and has a 4 burner gas cook top, sink, drawers and fold down bench. On the outside of the trailer there are numerous cupboards, tool boxes and a fridge slide. We have two fridges. One is used as a freezer and is mounted in Frankie and the other is used as a fridge and is in Trampy. If we wanted to set up the awning or annexe at the front it would take an extra 20 minutes, but generally we have just found shady spots and haven’t needed to do so.  

Today’s camping tips are going to involve packing. We were very limited for space so every item was scrutinised to determine it’s usability and need. Generally speaking, everything I “needed” to keep myself comfortable and therefore not-grumpy was declared essential and packed. We then worked out what to put in the space that was left after all my essential items were safely tucked inside Frankie and the Tramp. 

The kids and Ben have camping towels that resemble shammy’s that people use to dry cars. They are small but super absorbent and dry really quickly. They each have two and they are all colour coded so we know which one belongs to who. I have a towelling robe (to wear to the showers) a towel, and one of those hair wrap towel thingys. Plus a spare towel incase my main towel gets contaminated (thank God!! One was contaminated with urine so definitely a good move). It really isn’t fair but as I keep saying to the kids when they complain “It is hard work and really painful being me. I don’t want you to grow up as dependant on towels and pillows as I am.” See. I’m doing them a favour.  

Socks are also an item that is colour coded. Everyone has their own colour socks to make it easy to tell who belongs to which socks. In fact, everything is colour coded. Down to the kids pencil cases and pencils. I wrapped coloured tape around the bottom of each set of pencils and now when I see a pencil lying around on the ground, I know exactly who to yell at (Rohan).  

Anyway I’m not really inspired to keep writing tonight. I’m a bit sleepy as a result of my lazy day but felt compelled to write something as I won’t have internet reception till next Tuesday and didn’t want to disappoint my 7 fans/followers of my blog.  

Tomorrow we are heading off to Eliot Falls and Fruit Bat Falls where we are going to spend 4 days doing the telegraph track. I’ve heard it’s serious 4wding. I hope my tail saver is up for the challenge.  

Thanks for reading!!

B xx

P.s. I’ll try to take some videos of river crossings for you, complete with commentary from Bob!! 

P.p.s I’ve added some pics of today along with some pics of Frankie & Trampy. Can’t be bothered writing captions so please feel free to imagine your own!! 

Here is a pic of the front of Trampy. Ben pissed off the stone guard it came with & added an extra toolbox to house jerry cans, gas bottle & tools (which were previously attached behind stone guard). He then needed to make a vent on the fridge cupboard door as the new toolbox covered the original vent. You can see the new vent sitting just above the Eagle. 

2 thoughts on “Coen

  1. I knew you’d start enjoying it. Is Ben sure about the croc thing? Are there other people around at all? Where is everyone?? I know when we did it we went for days without seeing another vehicle but I would have thought that has changed with all the 4WD’s on the road today. Keep blogging …… I’m far from bored!!


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