How to cure homesickness

At the moment I am sitting in Cairns Airport, bawling my eyes out – as Ive done many times before (for very different reasons though). 
One of our tour members had such an acute case of imissmyanimalsandcreaturecomfortsitis that we have had to send her home on a plane. 

Poor old Kylah hasn’t been feeling very well these last few days & nothing in my First Aide kits would work.  Last night I even resorted to buying some double-strength, targeted & specialised medicine to try to fix her but alas it only worked momentarily. (Don’t tell Ben cause he rabbits on with stupid comments about how “food doesn’t fix stuff” when quite obviously there are situations when it definitely does – this is just a really bad case of imissmyanimalsandcreaturecomfortsitis and there is no tonic strong enough). 

When medicine in the form of a chocolate milkshake fails to work then the only real cure for homesickness is going home. This cure does not work on parents who are integral to the trip (in our case that would be Ben. I’m totally expendable) or children too pesky to fly on their own or have a family member take them on for a few days. (No names need to be mentioned here #youknowwho)

I spent the day with Kylah visiting her Distance Education School with her & shopping. My anxiety about Kylah leaving may or may not have caused me to go a bit OTT shopping. I did so much damage on my Credit Card that the bank rang me to check it hadn’t been stolen & that it was I who was making the ludicrous purchases at Cairns souvenier stores & airport. 

Anyway, I’ll write another blog again tonight. I’d better stop bawling & go find Frankie so I can pick up the members of our troop who do not miss home in the slightest & have spent the day up at Kuranda visiting cassowaries. 

Thanks for reading!!

B xxx

P.S. Those of you who are anxiously awaiting postcards & were lured into the false hope that they would be arriving because I texted & asked for your address please note: it appears that there are waaay too many steps involved in the postcard sending business. I thought we had it under control. We bought the cards & the stamps. Kids wrote on them (somewhat illegibly). But now we either can’t find them when we are in the vicinity of a post box, or we can find them but realise that Rohan wrote in erasable pen which magically disappears when heated up. So his postcards are now blank again.  It’s all too hard!!!!!

P.P.S. IMISSKYLAH!!!!! 😭😭😭 (even though she is known as Killjoy Kylah the Rule Following Dictator). I want her to come back & tell me off for crossing the road when it isn’t a green man, or eating a lolly after I’ve brushed my teeth, or not putting sunscreen on. 😭😭😭

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